Terms of Use

You may use the techniques/effects that you learn in the tutorials found on and in our web feeds in your own work.

However, the tutorials (text and images) are copyright of their respective authors. You may not copy or redistribute the tutorials in any way. Note that this also includes translations, you may not create any translations of our tutorials without our permission.

Third party photos
Some tutorials (including xcf files) contain stock photos from third party websites, these photos are mainly from websites that specialize in stock photography or textures, and are subject to their own licensing terms, you should read the licensing terms of the website in question if it’s unclear to you what can be done with the photo. If you plan to use a photo or texture in your own work you may not download it from our website, you have to get it at the third party website.

Submitting tutorials
If you submit a tutorial, you grant and it’s owner a perpetual license to publish the tutorial and to distribute the xcf file.

Damage or loss
You agree not to hold us responsible or liable in the event of any damage or loss of any sort that happens as a result of using this website or by using any resources (scripts, plug-ins, brushes etc.) provided by us.

If anything is unclear or you have any questions please contact us.