Isometric Banner Tutorial

Isometric Banner preview

This is my first tutorial for
In this tutorial, i will explain to create an original banner.
It seems that the name given for this is isometric banner
That is really simple to realize and i hope you will enjoy it.
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Header for WordPress Theme

header for wordpress theme preview

Today we’ll show you how to create a website header, we’ll make the header 960×150, so it can easily be used with a lot of WordPress themes.
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Metal Frame Website Header

metal frame website header preview

Today we’re going to have a look at how to create a stylish black header with a metal frame. We’ll also add a little snake inside the header. The metal frame technique is not only for headers though, it could also be useful for such things as forum signatures or skins for audio players.
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Round Web 2.0 Button with a Metal Ring

round web 2.0 button with metal ring preview

In this Gimp tutorial we will create a round web 2.0 button/icon with a metal ring around it. This button is very handy for download icons and such, and it can easily be customized, especially with gradients.
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Create a Quick and Simple Web Ribbon

Web Ribbon preview

In this web design tutorial you’ll learn how to make a quick and simple web ribbon in Gimp. Ribbons like these are very handy for placing in the top right corner of a website, if you have a site that’s under development it’s really handy to create a ribbon that says “BETA” , or if your site is new the ribbon could say “NEW!”.
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Web 2.0 button with reflection

Web 2.0 button with reflection preview

In this button tutorial you will learn how to create a nice blue glossy Web 2.0 button with a reflection in Gimp.
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