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mygimptutorial.com is a website that provides tutorials for Gimp.

We aim to publish quality Gimp tutorials, by that we mean tutorials that are easy to read and understand, and hopefully will teach you some useful tricks and techniques.

Our goal is to build a great website with lots of resources for all you Gimp users, and we also hope that this website will help more people discover the amazing Gimp.

What’s Gimp?

Gimp is a free image-editing and graphics creation program.

It is an amazingly powerful program with lots of highly advanced features, yet it’s simple to use.

If you want to learn more about Gimp you should head over to Gimp.org or if you just want to download Gimp for Windows have a look here.

If you’re a Mac user have a look here.

If you’re a Linux user have a look here.

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