3d Text – Two Methods

3d Text Preview

This tutorial is really simple and is a great tutorial for beginners, and teaches how to use the the perspective tool to your advantage.


Method 1:

3d Text Method 1

Method 2:

3d Text Method 2

Method 1
Step 1

First, create a new 640×400 pix image.

Step 2

Select the blend tool, with the following settings. FG color should be a light gray, BG a dark(er) gray.

Step 3

Stroke from bottom to top.

Step 4

Create a new layer. Call it text. Then select the text tool and write your text. It will automatically create a new layer. The color does not matter.

The font I am using is Sans 174.

Step 5

With the text tool, double-click on the text (if that window pops up, just close it). Then, in the tool options dialogue, click Path from Text.

Step 6

In the layers dialogue, click the eye next to the text layer (not the currently empty layer, but the other one). Then go to the paths dialogue and double-click the path.

Step 7

On the visible text layer, click select from path. Select>From Path. Then go back to the blend tool, and using the same gradient from before, stroke down in the selection. Do not do anything with the selection.

Step 8

Create a new layer called shadow under the text layer and fill the selection with the dark gray you used earlier. Then move this layer over to the right a bit. When filling the selection in the bucket fill options make sure Fill whole Selection is selected. After that, select none by Select>None. And in the example below, the yellow line is just the layer border, in case you thought you missed a step.

Step 9

Duplicate the shadow layer and move that over a bit if you want to. Then merge all visible layers by Image>Merge Visible Layers. Check Discard invisible layers, and use the first setting (Expand as Necessary). Finally, use the crop tool to crop the image as wanted. There! You are done with method 1!

Mehtod 2
Step 1

Repeat steps 1-7 in method 1, except this time use the gradient Incandescent.

Step 2

Use the perspective tool as shown below:

Step 3

In the layers dialogue, you will notice there is a layer called Floating Selection (Transformation). Right click on it, then click anchor layer. You may notice random floating borders around the text. Select>None then erase these.

Step 4

Right click the text layer, then click alpha to selection. Then create a shadow layer and set your FG to #450000. Fill the selection with this and move the layer down. Make sure layer is below text layer. Then Select>None.

Step 5

Repeat step 9 of method 1. You are done!

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    July 17th, 2011

    Big thanks to uz101 for writing this tutorial! 🙂

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